Die Übersetzung von "want" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /wont/

to be interested in having or doing, or to wish to have or do (something); to desire

Do you want a biscuit?
She wants to know where he is
She wants to go home.

to need

avoir besoin de
This wall wants a coat of paint.

to lack

manquer (de)
This house wants none of the usual modern features, but I do not like it
The people will want (= be poor) no longer.
wanted adjective

being searched for by the police because of having committed a criminal act

He is a wanted man
He is wanted for murder.

(negative unwanted) (of people) needed; cared for

utile; dont on a besoin
Old people must be made to feel wanted.
want ad noun

(American) a classified ad.

petite annonce
want for

to lack

manquer de
She wants for nothing.

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