Übersetzung von “war” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounwar /wɔr/
countable-uncountable a violent conflict between two groups, countries, etc.
guerre feminine

the war between the northern and southern states
la guerre entre les états du Nord et du Sud

War is not the answer.
La guerre n'est pas la solution.

a country at war
un pays en guerre
; see also civil war
countable attempts to end a problem in society
lutte feminine

the war on drugs/terror
la lutte contre la drogue/terreur
countable a competition for financial gain between two companies, groups, etc.
guerre feminine

a pricing war
une guerre des prix

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noun /woː/

(an) armed struggle, especially between nations

(de) guerre
Their leader has declared war on Britain
The larger army will win the war
the horrors of war
(also adjective) He is guilty of war crimes.
warlike adjective

(negative unwarlike) fond of, or likely to begin, war

a warlike nation.
warrior /ˈwo-/ noun

a soldier or skilled fighting man, especially in primitive societies

The chief of the tribe called his warriors together
(also adjective) a warrior prince.
war correspondent

a newspaper reporter who writes articles on a war especially from the scene of fighting.

correspondant/-ante de guerre
war cry noun (plural war cries)

a shout used in battle as an encouragement to the soldiers

cri de guerre
‘For king and country’ was the war cry of the troops as they faced the enemy.
war dance noun

a dance performed by the people of some primitive societies before going to war.

danse guerrière
warfare noun

fighting, as in a war

the weapons of modern warfare
He refused to fight, because he has religious objections to warfare.
warhead noun

the explosive section of a missile, torpedo etc

nuclear warheads.
warhorse noun

a horse used in battle.

cheval de bataille
warlord noun

a very powerful military leader.

seigneur de la guerre
warmonger noun

a person who encourages war(s), often for personal reasons.

warpaint noun

paint applied to the face etc by the people of some primitive societies before going into battle.

peinture de guerre
warship noun

a ship used in war or defence.

navire de guerre
wartime noun

the time during which a country, a people etc is at war

(temps) de guerre
There is a great deal of hardship and misery in wartime
(also adjective) a wartime economy.
war of nerves

a war, contest etc in which each side tries to win by making the other nervous, eg by bluff, rather than by actually fighting

guerre des nerfs
A game of chess can become a war of nerves.

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