Die Übersetzung von "wash" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /woʃ/

to clean (a thing or person, especially oneself) with (soap and) water or other liquid

(se) laver
How often do you wash your hair?
You wash (the dishes) and I’ll dry
We can wash in the stream.

to be able to be washed without being damaged

supporter le lavage
This fabric doesn’t wash very well.

to flow (against, over etc)

clapoter (contre)
The waves washed (against) the ship.

to sweep (away etc) by means of water

The floods have washed away hundreds of houses.
washable adjective

able to be washed without being damaged

Is this dress washable?
washer noun

a person or thing (eg a machine) that washes

laveur/-euse; lave-vaisselle
They’ve just bought an automatic dish-washer.

a flat ring of rubber, metal etc to keep nuts or joints tight

The tap needs a new washer.
washing noun

(an) act of cleaning by water

I don’t mind doing the washing, but I hate ironing.

clothes washed or to be washed

I’ll hang the washing out to dry.
washed-out adjective

completely lacking in energy etc

I feel quite washed-out today.

(of garments etc) pale, having lost colour as a result of washing

She wore a pair of old, washed-out jeans.
washerwoman nouns ( washerman)

a person who is paid to wash clothes.

washcloth noun

(American) a piece of cloth for washing the face or body.

gant (de toilette)
washbasin noun

a basin in which to wash one’s face and hands

We are having a new washbasin installed in the bathroom.
washing-machine noun

an electric machine for washing clothes

machine à laver
She has an automatic washing-machine.
washing-powder noun

a powdered detergent used when washing clothes.

washing-up noun

dishes etc cleaned or to be cleaned after a meal etc

I’ll help you with the washing-up.
washout noun

(an idea, project, person etc which is) a complete failure

fiasco, nullité
She was a complete washout as a secretary.
washroom noun

a lavatory.

wash up

to wash dishes etc after a meal

laver (la vaisselle)
I’ll help you wash up
We’ve washed the plates up.

(American) to wash one’s hands and face.

(se) débarbouiller

to bring up on to the shore

rejeter (sur le rivage)
The ship was washed up on the rocks
A lot of rubbish has been washed up on the beach.

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