Übersetzung von “waste” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountablewaste /weɪst/
a bad or careless use
gaspillage masculine , perte feminine , gâchis masculine

The film was a complete waste of money/time.
Le film était un total gaspillage d'argent / une perte de temps complète.

All the young lives lost at war - it's such a waste.
Toutes ces jeunes vies disparues à la guerre ; c'est un tel gâchis.
go to waste
to be unused, or to be thrown away without being used
être gaspillé/-ée

tons of energy going to waste
des tonnes d'énergie gaspillées
sth useless that is left after you have used a product, material, etc.
déchets masculine plural

discarded plastic and other waste
le plastique au rebut et les autres déchets

nuclear waste
les déchets nucléaires


verb transitivewaste /weɪst/
≠conserve, save; to use more than is needed or acceptable

Turn out the lights so we don't waste energy.
Eteins les lumières pour que nous ne gaspillions pas l'énergie.

You're wasting your money on that car.
Tu gaspilles ton argent avec cette voiture.
wasted on sb
not understood or appreciated by sb
qui échappe à qqn

The beauty of the performance was wasted on my brother.
La beauté du spectacle a échappé à mon frère.
waste no time (in)
to do without delay
ne pas perdre de temps pour

They wasted no time in denying the report.
Ils n'ont pas perdu de temps pour démentir la rumeur.

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verb /weist/

to fail to use (something) fully or in the correct or most useful way

You’re wasting my time with all these stupid questions.
wastage /-tidʒ/ noun

loss by wasting; the amount wasted

We’re trying to minimize the amount of wastage during the production process.
wasteful adjective

involving or causing waste

Throwing away that bread is wasteful.
wastefully adverb

en gaspillant
wastefulness noun

manque d’économie
waste paper

paper which is thrown away as not being useful

papier (à jeter)
All our waste paper is recycled.
wastepaper basket /ˈweispeipə/

a basket or other (small) container for waste paper

corbeille à papier
Put those old letters in the wastepaper basket.
waste pipe /ˈweispaip/

a pipe to carry off waste material, or water from a sink etc

(tuyau de) vidange
The kitchen waste pipe is blocked.
waste away

to decay; to lose weight, strength and health etc

He is wasting away because of the disease.



(the) act of wasting

That was a waste of an opportunity.

a huge stretch of unused or infertile land, or of water, desert, ice etc

terres désolées
the Arctic wastes.

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