Die Übersetzung von "watch" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /wotʃ/

a small instrument for telling the time by, worn on the wrist or carried in the pocket of a waistcoat etc

He wears a gold watch
a wrist-watch.

a period of standing guard during the night

I’ll take the watch from two o’clock till six.

in the navy etc, a group of officers and men who are on duty at a given time

The night watch come(s) on duty soon.
watcher noun

watchful adjective

alert and cautious

watchful eyes
If you are watchful, you are much less likely be robbed.
watchfully adverb

avec vigilance
watchfulness noun
watchdog noun

a dog which guards someone’s property etc

chien de garde
We leave a watchdog in the yard at night to scare away thieves.
watchmaker noun

a person who makes and repairs watches, clocks etc.

watchman noun

(often night-watchman) a man employed to guard a building etc against thieves, especially at night

gardien/-ienne (de nuit)
The bank robbers shot the (night-)watchman.
watchtower noun

an old word for a tower on which a lookout is posted.

tour de guet
watchword noun

a motto or slogan used by members of a group of people who think (or act) alike

mot d’ordre
Let freedom be our watchword!
keep watch

to be on guard

monter la garde
He kept watch while the other soldiers slept.
watch one’s step

to be careful what one does or says

faire attention
He’s in a bad mood, so watch your step and don’t say anything to upset him!
watch out (with for)

to be careful (of)

faire attention (à)
Watch out for the cars!
Watch out! The police are coming!
watch over

to guard or take care of

veiller (sur)
The mother bird is watching over her young.

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