Übersetzung von “weak” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveweak /wik/
not physically strong or healthy

My legs felt weak.
Mes jambes se dérobaient sous moi.

He seemed weaker and couldn't even sit up.
Il semblait plus faible et ne pouvait même pas s'asseoir.
≠strong; likely to break

The beam was too weak to support the roof.
La poutre était trop fragile pour soutenir le toit.
≠strong; lacking financial power or effectiveness

the weak economy
l'économie faible

The dollar is weak against the Euro.
Le dollar est faible par rapport à l'euro.
≠strong; (of an idea) not logical or easy to defend against criticism
peu convaincant/-ante

the defense's weak arguments
les arguments peu convaincants de la défense
not having enough power, determination, or support from others

a leader who is too weak to negotiate
un dirigeant qui est trop faible pour négocier
difficult to see or hear

a weak sound coming from the basement
un faible son provenant du sous-sol
≠strong; without a strong ability
faible , médiocre

students' weak math skills
les faibles aptitudes pour les maths des étudiants
≠strong; containing little of sth that makes a liquid effective
léger/-ère , dilué/-ée

a weak gin and tonic
un gin-tonic léger

a weak bleach solution
une solution javellisée diluée
sb's weak spot/point
the thing that can cause sb or sth to fail
le point faible de qqn

The police are trying to find the gang's weak spot.
Les policiers essayent de trouver le point faible de la bande.

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adjective /wiːk/

lacking in physical strength

Her illness has made her very weak.

not strong in character

sans volonté
I’m very weak when it comes to giving up cigarettes.

(of a liquid) diluted; not strong

weak tea.

(of an explanation etc) not convincing

peu convaincant
a weak argument.

(of a joke) not particularly funny.

weakly adverb

weaken verb

to (cause to) become weak, especially in physical strength or character

The patient has weakened
The strain of the last few days has weakened him.
weakling /-liŋ/ noun

a weak person, animal, or plant

être faible
The other children considered him to be a weakling and he was often bullied.
weakness noun

the state of being weak.


something weak or faulty; a defect

weaknesses of character
Smoking is one of my weaknesses.
have a weakness for

to have a liking for

avoir un faible pour
She has a weakness for chocolate biscuits.

(Übersetzung von “weak” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)