Übersetzung von “weather” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountableweather /ˈwɛðər/
the temperature and conditions in a particular area
temps masculine

a period of hot/rainy/dry weather
une période de temps chaud/pluvieux/sec
good/bad weather
bon/mauvais temps masculine

If the weather's good, we'll go swimming.
S'il fait beau, nous irons nager.
the weather
a TV, radio, etc. report about what the weather will be like
la météo

I want to check the weather.
Je veux vérifier la météo.
under the weather
informal not feeling well
pas dans son assiette

She's under the weather today.
Elle n'est pas dans son assiette aujourd'hui.


verbweather /ˈwɛðər/
transitive to manage to deal successfully with a difficult situation
survivre à

a company that weathered the difficult economic times
une entreprise qui a survécu à des périodes économiquement difficiles
transitive-intransitive to become or cause to appear worn and old from being outside
érodé/-ée , patiné/-ée

the weathered wood of the fence
le bois patiné de la clôture

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noun /ˈweθə/

conditions in the atmosphere, especially as regards heat or cold, wind, rain, snow etc

temps; météo
The weather is too hot for me
stormy weather
(also adjective) a weather chart/report, the weather forecast.
weatherbeaten adjective

showing effects of exposure to the weather

hâlé, usé
a weatherbeaten face.
weathercock nouns ( weathervane)

a piece of metal (often in the form of a farmyard cock), placed on top of a building, which turns to show the direction of the wind.

weatherperson noun

(also weather forecaster; weatherman; weathergirl) a person who gives weather forecast on television or radio.

présentateur/-trice de la météo
make heavy weather of

to find it very (often unnecessarily) difficult to do (something)

se compliquer la vie pour
She’s making heavy weather of typing that letter.
under the weather

in poor health

ne pas se sentir en forme
I’ve been feeling under the weather this week.
weather refers to climate: fine weather. whether is a conjunction: Do you know whether he is coming?



to survive safely

réchapper (à)
The ship weathered the storm although she was badly damaged.

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