Übersetzung von “week” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableweek /wik/
any period of seven days
semaine feminine

She's been away for two weeks.
Elle a été absente pendant deux semaines.

The process takes a/one week.
La procédure prend à elle seule une semaine.
a week from
on a day that is seven days from the time mentioned
dans une semaine

The party is a week from today.
La soirée est dans une semaine.
a period of seven days, either from Monday to Sunday, or from Sunday to Saturday
semaine feminine
next/last/this week
la semaine dernière/prochaine / cette semaine

He quit his job last week.
Il a quitté son emploi la semaine dernière.
week after week
continuously for many weeks
semaine après semaine

The fighting continued week after week.
Les combats se sont poursuivis semaine après semaine.
the week
Monday through Friday, when many people are at school or work
la semaine

We don't usually go out during the week.
En général, nous ne sortons pas pendant la semaine
; see also weekend

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noun /wiːk/

any sequence of seven days, especially from Sunday to Saturday

It’s three weeks since I saw her.

the five days from Monday to Friday inclusive

He can’t go during the week, but he’s free on Saturday or Sunday.

the amount of time spent working during a period of seven days

semaine (de)
He works a forty-eight-hour week.
weekly adjective

happening, published etc once a week

a weekly magazine.
weekday noun

any day except a Saturday or Sunday

jour ouvrable
Our office is open only on weekdays
(also adjective) weekday flights.
weekend noun

the period from the end of one working week until the beginning of the next (ie Saturday and Sunday, or Friday evening to Sunday evening)

(de) fin de semaine
We spent a weekend in Paris
(also adjective) a weekend trip.
a week last Friday etc

the Friday etc before last

il y a une semaine
She died a week last Tuesday.
a week today/tomorrow ( a week (on/next) Friday etc)

a week from today, tomorrow, Friday etc

dans une semaine
I’m going away a week tomorrow
Could we meet a week (on/next) Monday ?

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