Übersetzung von “welcome” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivewelcome /ˈwɛlkəm/
to greet in a friendly way

They welcomed us into their home.
Ils nous ont accueilis dans leur maison.
to be pleased by and happy about an idea
se réjouir de

The town's residents welcomed the changes.
Les habitants de la ville se sont réjouis des changements.


adverbwelcome /ˈwɛlkəm/
sb is/feels welcome
indicates sb feels they are accepted in a friendly way
qqn est / se sent le/la bienvenu/-ue

The family made us feel welcome.
La famille nous a réservé un bon accueil.
(of sth new or different) pleasing because it was needed

The restaurant is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
Le restaurant est un ajout bienvenu dans le quartier.
you're welcome
used to answer sb when they say "thank you"
je t'en / vous en prie

"Thanks for the ride." "You're welcome!"
"Merci pour la balade." "Je t'en prie."
welcome to
allowed to
invité/-ée à

Guests are welcome to use the pool.
Les clients sont invités à utiliser la piscine.
sb is welcome to sth
indicates you are happy for sb to have sth because you do not want it
qqn peut avoir qqch

If you want this old thing, you're welcome to it.
Si tu veux ce vieux truc, tu peux l'avoir.


noun countable-uncountablewelcome /ˈwɛlkəm/
a way of greeting sb
accueil masculine

The audience gave him a warm/enthusiastic welcome.
Le public lui a réservé un accueil chaleureux/enthousiaste.

welcome signs on the edge of town
des panneaux d'accueil aux abords de la ville


interjectionwelcome /ˈwɛlkəm/
used as a greeting
bienvenue , sois/soyez le/la bienvenu/-ue

Welcome! Please come in.
Soyez le bienvenu ! Entrez donc.

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adjective /ˈwelkəm/

received with gladness and happiness

She will make you welcome
He is a welcome visitor at our house
The extra money was very welcome
The holiday made a welcome change.
welcoming adjective

a welcoming smile.
be welcome to

to be gladly given permission to (have, do or accept something)

être invité de bon cœur (à)
You’re welcome to stay as long as you wish.
you’re welcome!

(especially American) that’s quite all right, no thanks are necessary

(il n’y a) pas de quoi
‘Thanks !’ ‘You’re welcome!’

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