Übersetzung von “what” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


determinerwhat /ʰwʌt, ʰwɒt, wʌt, wɒt; unstressed ʰwət, wət/
used to ask for specific information
quel masculine singular , quelle feminine singular , quels masculine plural , quelles feminine plural

What time is the meeting tomorrow?
A quelle heure est la réunion demain ?

What type of food would you like?
Quel type de nourriture aimeriez-vous ?
emphasizes a description
quel masculine singular , quelle feminine singular , quels masculine plural , quelles feminine plural

What a terrible thing to do!
Quelle horrible chose à faire !

What beautiful children you have.
Quels beaux enfants vous avez.


pronounwhat /ʰwʌt, ʰwɒt, wʌt, wɒt/
used to ask for specific information
subject: qu'est ce qui , object: qu'est-ce que / que , after preposition: quoi

What do you think she's going to say?
Que penses-tu qu'elle va dire ?

What did you do?
Qu'avez vous / Qu'est-ce que vous avez fait ?
the thing that is being talked about
subject: ce qui , object: ce que

She told me what had happened.
Elle m'a dit ce qui est arrivé.
what ... for?
used to ask about the purpose of sth

What's this money for?
A quoi est destiné cet argent ?

What did you do that for?
Pourquoi avez-vous fait ça ?
what for?
informal used to ask why
pourquoi ?

"I told them to leave." "What for?"
"Je leur ai dit de partir." "Pourquoi ?"
what if ...?
used to introduce a possibility
et si ... ?

What if he doesn't come?
Et s'il ne venait pas ?

What if we try a different way.
Et si nous essayions autrement.
so what?
spoken indicates you do not think sth is important
et alors ?

"You left your bike outside." "So what?"
"Tu as laissé ton vélo dehors." "Et alors ?"


interjectionwhat /ʰwʌt, ʰwɒt, wʌt, wɒt; unstressed ʰwət, wət/
informal used to ask sb to repeat sth that you did not hear
comment , informal quoi

What? Did you say 4,000?
Comment/Quoi ? Est-ce que tu as dit 4 000 ?
informal indicates you are listening

"Mom!" "What?" "Can we watch TV now?"
"Maman !" "Dis ?" "On peut regarder la télé maintenant ?"
indicates surprise or anger
c'est pas vrai

What! The tickets are sold out?
C'est pas vrai ! Tous les billets ont été vendus ?

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pronoun, adjective /wot/

used in questions etc when asking someone to point out, state etc one or more persons, things etc

quel; qu’est-ce que; ce que
What street is this?
What time is it?
What (kind of) bird is that?
What is he reading?
What did you say?
What is this cake made of?
‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ ‘A doctor.’
Tell me what you mean
I asked him what clothes I should wear.

(also adverb ) used in exclamations of surprise, anger etc

quel; qu’est-ce que
What clothes she wears!
What a fool he is!
What naughty children they are!
What a silly film this is!
whatever relative adjective, relative pronoun

any (thing(s) or amount) that

tout (…) que
I’ll lend you whatever (books) you need.
whatnot noun

such things

He told me all about publishing and whatnot.
what’s-his/-her/-its etc -name noun

used in referring vaguely to a person or thing

Where does what’s-his-name live?
whatsoever /-sou-/ adjective

at all

du tout
That’s nothing whatsoever to do with me.
know what’s what

to be able to tell what is important

connaître son affaire
You need to know what’s what in this job.
what about?

used in asking whether the listener would like (to do) something

et si…?
What about a glass of milk?
What about going to the cinema?

used in asking for news or advice

qu’en est-il de…?
What about your new book?
What about the other problem?
what … for


What did he do that for?

for what purpose(?)

à quoi sert
What is this switch for?
what have you

and similar things; and so on

et que sais-je encore
There were clothes, books and what have you lying scattered about the room.
what if?

what will or would happen if …?

et si…?
What if he comes back?
what … like?

used when asking for information about someone or something

à quoi ressemble…
‘What does it look like?’ ‘It’s small and square.’
‘What’s her mother like?’ ‘Oh, she’s quite nice.’
We may go – it depends (on) what the weather’s like.
what of it?

used in replying, to suggest that what has been done, said etc is not important

et aprè?
‘You’ve offended him.’ ‘What of it?’
what with

because of

étant donné
What with taking no exercise and being too fat, it’s no surprise that he had a heart attack.


relative pronoun

(also relative adjective) any (things or amount) that; whatever

le, la, les; ce que
I’ll lend you what clothes you need
Please lend me what you can.

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