Übersetzung von “wheel” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablewheel /ʰwil, wil/
a round object on which a car, bicycle, etc. moves along
roue feminine

The wheels came off the wagon.
Les roues se sont détachées du chariot.
the wheel
the steering wheel of a vehicle
le volant

to take the wheel
prendre le volant

the person behind the wheel
la personne au volant

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noun /wiːl/

a circular frame or disc turning on a rod or axle, on which vehicles etc move along the ground

A bicycle has two wheels, a tricycle three, and most cars four

any of several things similar in shape and action

tour, volant
a potter’s wheel
He was found drunk at the wheel (= steering-wheel) of his car.
wheeled adjective

à roues
a wheeled vehicle.

à (…) roues
a four-wheeled vehicle.
wheelbarrow noun

a small carrier with one wheel at the front, and two legs and two handles at the back

He used a wheelbarrow to move the manure to the back garden.
wheelchair noun

a chair with wheels, used for moving from place to place by invalids or those who cannot walk.

fauteuil roulant
wheelhouse noun

the shelter in which a ship’s steering-wheel is placed.

wheelwright noun

a craftsman who makes wheels.




to (cause to) turn quickly

(se) retourner (brusquement)
He wheeled round and slapped me.

(of birds) to fly in circles.


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