Übersetzung von “which” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


determinerwhich /ʰwɪtʃ, wɪtʃ/
used to specify a possible choice
quel masculine singular , quelle feminine , quels masculine plural , quelles feminine plural

Which dress should I wear?
Quelle robe est-ce que je dois mettre ?

Which employee has been chosen this year?
Quel employé a été choisi cette année ?
indicates sth just mentioned
lequel masculine singular , laquelle feminine singular , lesquels masculine plural , lesquelles feminine plural

He started yelling, at which point I decided to leave.
Il s'est mis à hurler ; à ce moment-là, j'ai décidé de m'en aller.


pronounwhich /ʰwɪtʃ, wɪtʃ/
used to specify a possible choice
lequel masculine singular , laquelle feminine singular

Which of the two dresses should I wear?
Laquelle des deux robes est-ce que je devrais mettre ?

There are so many good paintings. Which is the winner?
Il y a tellement de bons tableaux. Lequel est le gagnant ?
indicates sth that has just been mentioned
subject: qui , object: que , after a preposition: lequel masculine singular/laquelle feminine singular / lesquels masculine plural/ lesquelles feminine plural ce qui

The car, which I just bought, is being repaired.
La voiture, que je viens d'acheter, est en réparation.

Then he made a funny face, which was funny.
Puisil a fait une grimace amusante, ce qui était drôle.

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adjective, pronoun /witʃ/

used in questions etc when asking someone to point out, state etc one or more persons, things etc from a particular known group

quel; lequel, laquelle
Which (colour) do you like best?
Which route will you travel by?
At which station should I change trains?
Which of the two girls do you like better?
Tell me which books you would like
Let me know which train you’ll be arriving on
I can’t decide which to choose.
whichever relative adjective, relative pronoun

any (one(s)) that

celui, celle (qui/que)
I’ll take whichever (books) you don’t want
The prize will go to whichever of them writes the best essay.

no matter which (one(s))

quel que soit
Whichever way I turned, I couldn’t escape.
which is which(?)

which is one and which is the other (?)

lequel est lequel
Mary and Susan are twins and I can’t tell which is which.

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