Übersetzung von “whip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablewhip /ʰwɪp, wɪp/
a long, thin piece of leather for hitting a person or animal
fouet masculine

a horse whip
une cravache


verbwhip /ʰwɪp, wɪp/ ( whipping, whipped )
transitive to hit with a whip

Slaves were whipped as punishment.
Les esclaves recevaient des coups de fouets comme châtiment.
transitive informal to defeat by a large amount in a game
battre à plates coutures

The Raiders whipped the Giants last night.
Les Raiders ont battu les Giants à plates coutures hier soir.
transitive-intransitive informal to move somewhere very quickly
(se) déplacer à toute allure

The riders whipped past the spectators.
Les cyclistes dépassèrent les spectateurs à toute allure.

I whipped the book out of the water before it got ruined.
J'ai retiré vivement le livre de l'eau avant qu'il avant qu'il s'abîme.
transitive to beat food quickly to get more air into it
fouetter , battre au fouet

Whip the cream.
Fouettez la crème.

whip up

verb phrasalwhip up [ ˈʰwɪp ˈʌp, ˈwɪp ]
to intentionally create a strong reaction

hysteria whipped up by the press
l'hystérie provoquée par la presse

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noun /wip/

a long cord or strip of leather attached to a handle, used for punishing people, driving horses etc

He carries a whip, but he would never use it on the horse.

in parliament, a member chosen by his party to make sure that no one fails to vote on important questions.

whiplash noun

(the action of) the lash or cord of a whip.

coup de fouet

a neck injury caused by a sudden movement of the head

coup du lapin
He escaped the car crash with whiplash and a few bruises.
whipped cream noun

liquid cream that has become thick by whipping it with a whisk

crème fouettée
Serve the dessert with whipped cream.
whip up

to whip

battre au fouet
I’m whipping up eggs for the dessert.

to produce or prepare quickly

préparer en vitesse
I’ll whip up a meal in no time.


verb (past tense, past participle whipped)

to beat (eggs etc)

Whip the eggs until they form stiff peaks.

to move fast especially with a twisting motion like a whip

(se) retourner brusquement; sortir vivement
Suddenly he whipped round and saw me
He whipped out a revolver and shot her.

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