Übersetzung von “whisk” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivewhisk /ʰwɪsk, wɪsk/
to mix with a whisk
battre au fouet , fouetter

Whisk the milk.
Fouettez le lait.
to quickly take somewhere
emmener rapidement

Guards whisked the prisoners away.
Les gardes ont rapidement emmené les prisonniers.


noun countablewhisk /ʰwɪsk, wɪsk/
a kitchen tool used to stir food quickly to get air into it
fouet masculine

Use a whisk or a fork to beat the eggs.
Utilisez un fouet pour battre les œufs.

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verb /wisk/

to sweep, or cause to move, rapidly

faire disparaître à toute allure; emmener immédiatement
He whisked the dirty dishes off the table
He whisked her off to the doctor.

to beat (eggs etc) with a fork or whisk

Whisk the eggs thoroughly.



a kitchen tool made of wire etc, for beating eggs, cream etc.


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