Die Übersetzung von "white" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /wait/

of the colour of the paper on which these words are printed

The bride wore a white dress.

having light-coloured skin, through being of European etc descent

the first white man to explore Africa.

abnormally pale, because of fear, illness etc

He went white with shock.

with milk in it

(au) lait
A white coffee, please.
whiten verb

to make or become white or whiter

She used a little bleach to whiten the sheets.
whiteness noun

whitening noun

a substance used to make certain things (eg tennis shoes) white again.

whitish adjective

fairly white; close to white

a whitish colour
white-collar adjective

(of workers, jobs etc) not manual; (working) in an office etc.

de bureau
white elephant

a useless, unwanted possession.

objet superflu
white horse noun

(usually in plural) a wave that has a crest of white foam.

white-hot adjective

(of metals) so hot that they have turned white

chauffé à blanc
a white-hot poker.
white lie

a not very serious lie

pieux mensonge
I’d rather tell my mother a white lie than tell her the truth and upset her.
whitewash noun

a mixture of usually lime and water, used for whitening walls.

lait/blanc de chaux
whitewashed adjective

blanchi à la chaux

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