Übersetzung von “wide” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivewide /waɪd/
≠narrow; large in size when measured from one to side to the other
large , grand/grande

a wide path
un chemin large

a hat with a wide brim
un chapeau avec un large bord

You'll need a wider piece of material.
Il te faudra un plus grand morceau de tissu.
having a particular measurement from one side to the other
de large
12 inches/20 cm/5 miles/10km wide
12 pouces/20 cm/5 miles/10 km de large

The river is almost 100 meters wide at this point.
Le fleuve fait presque 100 mètres de large à cet endroit.
varied or extensive
grand/grande , large , étendu/-ue

a wide range/selection/choice
un large registre / une sélection étendue / un grand choix


adverbwide /waɪd/
as far or as much as possible
(en) grand

The door was wide open.
La porte était grand ouverte / ouverte en grand.

wide awake at midnight
bien éveillé à minuit

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adjective /waid/

great in extent, especially from side to side

wide streets
Her eyes were wide with surprise.

being a certain distance from one side to the other

(de) large
This material is three metres wide
How wide is it?

great or large

He won by a wide margin.

covering a large and varied range of subjects etc

She has a wide experience of teaching.
widely adverb

widen verb

to make, or become, wide or wider

They have widened the road
The lane widens here.
wideness noun

width /widθ/ noun

size from side to side

What is the width of this material?
This fabric comes in three different widths.

the state of being wide.

wide-ranging adjective

(of interests etc) covering a large number of subjects etc

a wide-ranging discussion.
widespread adjective

spread over a large area or among many people

très répandu
widespread hunger and disease.
give a wide berth (to)

to keep well away from

se tenir à bonne distance (de)
I give people with colds a wide berth / give a wide berth to people with colds.
wide apart

a great (or greater than average) distance away from one another

très écarté
He held his hands wide apart.
wide awake

fully awake

bien (r)éveillé
He was wide awake and ready to start the day’s work.
wide open

fully open

grand ouvert
The door was wide open
Her eyes are wide open, but she seems to be asleep.

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