Übersetzung von “wild” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivewild /waɪld/
(of an animal or plant) not raised or grown by humans

wild flowers
des fleurs sauvages

a pack of wild dogs
une meute de chiens sauvages
uncontrolled and full of energy
fou/folle , délirant/-ante

They had a wild night out in town.
Ils sont sortis faire la fête en ville.

As a child he was pretty wild.
Enfant, il a plutôt fait les quatre cents coups.
go wild
se déchaîner

The crowd went wild as the band came in.
Le public s'est déchaîné lorsque le groupe est entré en scène.
(of the weather) stormy

a wild and windy day
une journée de tempête et de vents forts
(always before n) expressed without consideration or without knowing the facts

a wild guess/accusation
une supposition/accusation extravagante
(of a place) remote

a wild region in the hills above the city
une région sauvage dans les collines surplombant la ville
wild about
very keen on
dingue de , emballé/-ée par

I'm not wild about blue cheeses.
Je ne suis pas emballé par les fromages bleus.


adverbwild /waɪld/
in an uncontrolled way
à l'état sauvage

flowers growing wild in the meadows
des fleurs poussant à l'état sauvage dans les prés
run wild
to behave in an uncontrolled way
se déchaîner

a room full of kids running wild
une pièce remplie d'enfants se déchaînant


nounwild /waɪld/singular
the wild
the natural environment, not controlled by humans
la nature

a rare tiger spotted in the wild
un tigre rare observé dans la nature

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adjective /waild/

(of animals) not tamed

Wolves and other wild animals live in the forest.

(of land) not cultivated.


uncivilized or lawless; savage

wild tribes.

very stormy; violent

déchainé; fou
a wild night at sea
a wild rage.

mad, crazy, insane etc

délirant (de); fou (de)
They were wild with hunger
He was wild with anxiety.


fou, extravagant
a wild hope.

not accurate or reliable

en l’air, au hasard
a wild guess.

very angry

(fou) furieux
He went wild when he discovered what his son had been doing.
wildly adverb

wildness noun

aspect sauvage
wildfire: spread like wildfire

(of eg news) to spread extremely fast

se répandre comme une traînée de poudre
The rumour spread like wildfire through the town.
wildfowl noun plural

wild birds, especially water birds such as ducks, geese etc.

oiseau(x) sauvage(s)
wild-goose chase

an attempt to catch or find something one cannot possibly obtain.

quête impossible
wildlife noun

wild animals, birds, insects etc collectively

We must do everything we can to protect the local wildlife.
in the wild

(of an animal) in its natural surroundings

à l’état sauvage
Young animals have to learn to look after themselves in the wild.
the wilds

the uncultivated areas (of a country etc)

régions sauvages
They’re living out in the wilds of Australia somewhere.

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