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verb modalwill /wɪl/
indicates sth that is going to happen in the future
verbe au futur de l'indicatif , aller + verbe à l'infinitif

I will meet you at 2:00.
Je te retrouverai à 14h.

She'll be happy when she hears the news.
Elle sera heureuse quand elle apprendra la nouvelle.

We won't finish before 4:00.
Nous ne finirons pas avant 16h.
indicates a willingness or ability

People will probably want to buy it.
Les gens voudront probablement l'acheter.

These jeans won't fit her.
Ce jean ne lui va pas.
used to ask or offer politely

Will you help me with this?
Voulez-vous m'aider ?

Will you have some cake with your coffee?
Voulez-vous du gâteau avec votre café ?
indicates a rule or order
verbe au présent de l'indicatif

You will report to the office by 9 a.m.
Vous vous présentez au bureau pour 9 heures du matin.
indicates what happens in a particular situation
aller + verbe à l'infinitif

If the load is too heavy, the boat will sink.
Si le chargement est trop lourd, le bateau va couler.

Food will rot quickly in this heat.
La nourriture va vite pourrir par cette chaleur.


verb transitivewill /wɪl/
to use your thoughts to try to control sth

He willed himself not to cry.
Il se força à ne pas pleurer.


nounwill /wɪl/
countable-uncountable determination to do or achieve what you want
volonté feminine

his strong will to succeed
sa farouche volonté de réussir

He had lost the will to live.
Il avait perdu la volonté de vivre.
singular what sb wants
volonté feminine

She believed the earthquake was the will of the gods.
Elle croyait que le tremblement de terre était la volonté des dieux.
against sb's will
contre la volonté de qqn

prisoners held against their will
les prisonniers retenus contre leur volonté
countable an official document stating who gets your money and possessions when you die
testament masculine

to make/write a will
faire/écrire un testament

She left him the house in her will.
Elle lui a légué la maison dans son testament.

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noun /wil/

the mental power by which one controls one’s thought, actions and decisions

Do you believe in freedom of the will?

(control over) one’s desire(s) or wish(es); determination

volonté, désir
It was done against her will
He has no will of his own – he always does what the others want
Children often have strong wills
He has lost the will to live.

(a legal paper having written on it) a formal statement about what is to be done with one’s belongings, body etc after one’s death

Have you made a will yet?
wilful adjective




wilful damage to property.
wilfully adverb

avec entêtement
wilfulness noun


de forte volonté/sans volonté
weak-willed / strong-willed people.
willing adjective

ready to agree (to do something)

disposé/prêt (à)
a willing helper
She’s willing to help in any way she can.
willingly adverb

de bon cœur
willingness noun

bonne volonté
willpower noun

the determination to do something

I don’t have the willpower to stop smoking.
at will

as, or when, one chooses

à volonté
The team are so good that they almost seem able to score at will.
with a will

eagerly and energetically

avec détermination
They set about (doing) their tasks with a will.


verb (short forms I’ll /ail/, you’ll /juːl/, he’ll /hiːl/, she’ll /ʃiːl/, it’ll /ˈitl/, we’ll /wiːl/, they’ll /ðeil/, negative short form won’t /wount/)

used in requests or commands

Will you come into my office for a moment, please?
Will you please stop talking!

used to show willingness

vouloir (bien)
I’ll do that for you if you like
I won’t do it!

used to state that something happens regularly, is quite normal etc

il arrive que
Accidents will happen.

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