Übersetzung von “win” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbwin /wɪn/ ( winning pt pp won )
transitive-intransitive to be successful by defeating others in a competition, sport, or election
gagner , remporter

Do you think he can win the election?
Pensez-vous qu'il puisse remporter l'élection ?

He won the race.
Il a gagné la course.

They were determined to win.
Ils étaient déterminés à gagner.
transitive-intransitive to defeat others in a war, fight, or argument

He's bound to win if they get into a fight.
Il est sûr de gagner s'ils entrent en conflit.

Who won the war?
Qui a gagné la guerre ?
transitive to be given sth as a prize
gagner , remporter

They just won a million dollars!
Ils viennent de gagner/remporter un million de dollars.
transitive to gain sth by working hard or being good at sth

He won the respect of his workforce.
Il a gagné le respect / s'est fait respecter de son personnel.
you/I/we can't win
spoken indicates whatever you do, you will not be successful
informal on a / j'ai toujours tout faux

One day I'm too pushy, the next day too quiet - I can't win!
Un jour je me mets trop en avant, le lendemain je suis trop silencieux ; j'ai toujours tout faux !

win over/around

verb phrasalwin over/around [ ˈwɪn ˈoʊvər/əˈraʊnd ]
to persuade sb you are right or that you are a nice person
gagner à sa cause

He won her over with his compliments.
Il l'a gagnée à sa cause avec ses compliments.


noun countablewin /wɪn/
an occasion when sb wins in a competition, sport, or election
victoire feminine

a convincing win
une victoire convaincante

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verb /win/ (present participle winning, past tense, past participle won /wan/)

to obtain (a victory) in a contest; to succeed in coming first in (a contest), usually by one’s own efforts

He won a convincing victory in the election
Who won the war/match?
He won the bet
He won (the race) in a fast time / by a clear five metres.

to obtain (a prize) in a competition etc, usually by luck

to win first prize
I won $5 in the crossword competition.

to obtain by one’s own efforts

He won her respect over a number of years.
winner noun

winning adjective

victorious or successful

the winning candidate.

attractive or charming

a winning smile.
winning-post noun

in horse-racing, a post marking the place where a race finishes.

poteau d’arrivée
win over

to succeed in gaining the support and sympathy of

At first he refused to help us but we finally won him over.
win the day

to gain a victory; to be successful

The home team eventually won the day.
win through

to succeed in getting (to a place, the next stage etc)

y arriver
It will be a struggle, but we’ll win through in the end.

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