Übersetzung von “wind” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounwind /wɪnd, waɪnd/
countable-uncountable air that blows in a current
vent masculine

a strong/light wind
un vent fort/léger

Her hair was blowing in the wind.
Ses cheveux flottaient dans le vent.

a gust of wind
une bourrasque de vent
singular the air contained in your lungs
souffle masculine

The punch knocked the wind out of me.
Le coup de poing m'a coupé le souffle.
uncountable Brit gas in your stomach that makes it hurt
gaz masculine (inv)

I've got terrible wind.
J'ai d'horribles gaz.
get wind of
to hear about sth secret
avoir vent de

We don't want anyone getting wind of this story.
Nous ne voulons pas que qui que soit ait vent de cette histoire.


verbwind /wɪnd/ ( pt pp wound )
transitive to wrap sth around sth
enrouler , envelopper

Wind the thread around your finger.
Enroulez le fil autour de votre doigt.
intransitive to bend and curve a lot

a road winding through the hills
une route serpentant à travers les collines

wind down

verb phrasalwind down [ ˈwaɪnd ˈdaʊn ]
to relax after being busy
se détendre

I needed to wind down after a hard day.
J'avais besoin de me détendre après une dure journée.
to start to come to an end, or make sth come to an end
prendre/donner fin

The party started to wind down around 1 a.m.
La soirée commençait à prendre fin aux alentours de 1 heure du matin.

wind up

verb phrasalwind up [ ˈwaɪnd ˈʌp ]
to find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend to be in
se retrouver

We took the wrong road and wound up downtown.
Nous avons pris la mauvaise route et nous nous sommes retrouvés en ville.

You'll wind up in trouble if you do it again.
Tu vas te retrouver en mauvaise posture si tu refais ça.
to bring to an end

Let's wind things up for the day.
Terminons pour aujourd'hui.
Brit informal to annoy

He just says those things to wind you up.
Il dit ces choses juste pour t'énerver.

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noun /wind/

(an) outdoor current of air

The wind is strong today
There wasn’t much wind yesterday
Cold winds blow across the desert.


Climbing these stairs takes all the wind out of me.

air or gas in the stomach or intestines

His stomach pains were due to wind.
windy adjective

venteux, exposé aux vents
a windy hill-top
a windy day
It’s windy today.
windiness noun

caractère venteux
windfall noun

an apple etc blown from a tree.

fruit(s) abattu(s) par le vent

any unexpected gain or success.

windmill noun

a machine with sails that work by wind power, for grinding corn or pumping water.

moulin à vent
windpipe noun

the passage for air between mouth and lungs.

windscreen noun

(American windshield)

a transparent (usually glass) screen above the dashboard of a car

windscreen wipers

a wall usually constructed out from the house wall to protect people on a patio or balcony from the wind.

windsock noun

a device for indicating the direction and speed of wind on an airfield.

manche à air
windsurf /ˈwindsəːf/ verb

to move across water while standing on a windsurfer.

faire de la planche à voile
windsurfer noun

(also sailboard) a board with a sail for moving across water with the aid of the wind.

planche à voile

the person controlling this board

windsurfing noun

planche à voile
windswept adjective

exposed to the wind and showing the effects of it

ébouriffé; exposé aux vents
windswept hair
a windswept landscape.
get the wind up

to become nervous or anxious

avoir la frousse
She got the wind up when she realized how close we were to the edge.
get wind of

to get a hint of or hear indirectly about

avoir vent de
She became very excited when she got wind of the news.
get one’s second wind

to recover one’s natural breathing after breathlessness.

retrouver son souffle
in the wind

about to happen

dans l’air
A change of policy is in the wind.
like the wind

very quickly

comme le vent
The horse galloped away like the wind.


verb /waind/ (past tense, past participle wound /waund/)

to wrap round in coils

He wound the rope around his waist and began to climb.

to make into a ball or coil

She wound the wool into a ball.

(of a road etc) to twist and turn

The road winds up the mountain.

to tighten the spring of (a clock, watch etc) by turning a knob, handle etc

I forgot to wind my watch.
winder noun

a lever or instrument for winding, on a clock or other mechanism.

winding adjective

full of bends etc

a winding road.
wind up

to turn, twist or coil; to make into a ball or coil

enrouler; bobiner
My ball of wool has unravelled – could you wind it up again?

to wind a clock, watch etc

She wound up the clock.

to end

I think it’s time to wind the meeting up.
be/get wound up

to be, or get, in a very excited or anxious state

être énervé
He got really wound up when he couldn’t find his keys.

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