Die Übersetzung von "window" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈwindəu/

an opening in the wall of a building etc which is fitted with a frame of wood, metal etc containing glass or similar material, that can be seen through and usually opened

fenêtre; vitrine
I saw her through the window
Open/Close the window
goods displayed in a shop-window.
window-box noun

a box on a window-ledge, in which plants may be grown.

window-dressing noun

the arranging of goods in a shop window.

composition d’étalage
window-dresser noun

window-frame noun

the wooden or metal frame of a window.

châssis (de fenêtre)
window-ledge noun

a ledge at the bottom of a window (usually on the outside).

rebord de fenêtre
window-pane noun

one of the sheets of glass in a window.

window-shopping noun

looking at things in shop windows, but not actually buying anything.

window-sill noun

a ledge at the bottom of a window (inside or outside).

appui/rebord de fenêtre

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