Übersetzung von “wipe” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivewipe /waɪp/
to rub a cloth, sponge, etc. across a surface to clean it

He wiped the table off.
Il a essuyé la table.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead.
Elle a essuyé la sueur de son front.
to rub or scrape sth on sth to clean it

Wipe your feet on the mat by the door.
Essuyez-vous les pieds sur le paillasson près de la porte.
to erase or delete data

I wiped all the photos from the memory card.
J'ai effacé toutes les photos de la carte mémoire.

wipe out

verb phrasalwipe out [ ˈwaɪp ˈaʊt ]
to cause not to exist any more
faire disparaître

Polar bears could be wiped out by global warming.
Les ours polaires pourraient disparaître du fait du réchauffement de la planète.
; see also wiped-out


noun countablewipe /waɪp/
an act of wiping to clean
coup masculine de torchon / d'éponge etc.

Here, give your hands a wipe on this.
Viens t'essuyer les mains là-dessus.
a damp paper towel that you use once to clean sth
lingette feminine

Do you have any wipes?
Est-ce que tu as des lingettes ?

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verb /waip/

to clean or dry by rubbing with a cloth, paper etc

Would you wipe the table for me?

to remove by rubbing with a cloth, paper etc

essuyer, effacer
The child wiped her tears away with her handkerchief
The teacher wiped the writing off (the whiteboard)
Please wipe up that spilt milk.
wiper noun

(also windscreen wiper) a moving arm for clearing rain etc from a vehicle’s windscreen.

wipe out

to clean the inside of (a bowl etc) with a cloth etc.

bien essuyer

to remove; to get rid of

She tried to wipe out the memory of these terrible events.

to destroy completely

They wiped out the whole regiment in one battle.

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