Übersetzung von “wish” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivewish /wɪʃ/
to want sth to happen or change
vouloir (au conditionnel)

I wish they'd hurry up.
Je voudrais qu'ils se dépêchent.

We wished that we had seen the show.
Nous regrettons de ne pas avoir vu le spectacle.
if you wish
si tu/vous le souhaites/-ez

If you wish, we can keep your luggage here.
Si vous le souhaitez, nous pouvons garder vos bagages ici.
to express sth to sb

We wished them good luck.
Nous leur avons souhaité bonne chance.

Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday.
N'oublie pas de lui souhaiter un bon anniversaire.

wish for

verb phrasalwish for [ ˈwɪʃ ˌfɔr, fər ]
to want

I always wished for a horse as a child.
Enfant, j'ai toujours voulu avoir un cheval.


noun countablewish /wɪʃ/
a desire, or the thing you desire
désir masculine , souhait masculine

He expressed a wish to meet her.
Il a exprimé son désir de la rencontrer.

It was his wish that we burn all the letters.
C'était son souhait que nous brûlions toutes les lettres.
sth sb would like to happen magically
souhait masculine , vœu masculine

The fairy godmother granted her three wishes.
La bonne fée lui a accordé trois souhaits/vœux.

to make a wish
faire un vœu
best wishes
a polite statement used to say goodbye or at the end of a letter or email
mes amitiés feminine plural

Best wishes to you and your family.
Toutes mes amitiés à toi et à toute ta famille.

Martha sends her best wishes.
Martha vous envoie ses amitiés.

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verb /wiʃ/

to have and/or express a desire

souhaiter (que)
There’s no point in wishing for a miracle
Touch the magic stone and wish
He wished that she would go away
I wish that I had never met him.

to require (to do or have something)

Do you wish to sit down, sir?
We wish to book some seats for the theatre
I’ll cancel the arrangement if you wish.

to say that one hopes for (something for someone)

souhaiter (qqch. à qqn)
I wish you the very best of luck.
wishful thinking noun

expectations based on what one hopes will happen, not on what is likely to happen

prendre ses désires pour la réalité
I believe she has a chance of winning the award, but that’s probably wishful thinking.
wishing-well noun

a well which is supposed to have the power of granting any wish made when one is beside it.

fontaine magique



an expression of desire

The fairy granted him three wishes
Did you make a wish?

(usually in plural ) an expression of hope for success etc for someone

He sends you his best wishes.

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