Übersetzung von “with” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


prepositionwith /wɪθ, wɪð/
indicates sb or sth has sth
avec , à

a girl with long blond hair
une fille aux longs cheveux blonds

a box with a lid
une boîte avec un couvercle

the man with the green suitcase
l'homme à la valise verte
indicates people or things are together or do sth together

She's outside with her friends.
Elle est sortie avec des amis.

I work with three other people.
Je travaille avec trois autres personnes.

Don't put the spoons with the knives.
Ne mettez pas les cuillers avec les couteaux.
indicates what is used
avec , de

Rub it with your finger tips.
Frottez-le du bout du doigts.

The door only unlocks with the key.
La porte ne s'ouvre qu'avec la clé.
indicates the way sth is done

You should speak to your mother with more respect.
Tu devrais parler à ta mère avec plus de respect.

He writes with great accuracy.
Il écrit avec une grande justesse.
indicates toward who or what a feeling is directed
de , pour , contre

We're very pleased with the progress he has made.
Nous sommes très contents des progrès qu'il a fait.

I was furious with her.
J'étais furieux contre elle.
indicates sth that is in or on sth

Her face was covered with insect bites.
Son visage était couvert de piqûres d'insecte.

Someone had filled my sneakers with sand!
Quelqu'un a rempli mes baskets de sable.
as a result of, or because of

kids screaming with excitement
des enfants criant d'excitation
indicates sth done at the same time as another action
avec , en + verbe au participe présent

"Goodbye," he said with a wave.
"Au revoir." dit-elle en faisant un signe de la main.
indicates sb's body position

He stood there with his hands in his pockets.
Il se tenait là debout, les mains dans les poches.
indicates sth relates to another thing

I've been having problems with my computer lately.
J'ai des problèmes avec mon ordinateur ces derniers temps

What's wrong with you?
Qu'est-ce qui ne tourne pas rond chez toi ?
indicates people do things against each other

As kids we fought with each other.
Enfants, nous nous bagarrions.

He played backgammon with me.
Il joue au backgammon contre moi.

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preposition /wið/

in the company of; beside; among; including

I was walking with my father
Do they enjoy playing with each other?
He used to play football with the Arsenal team
Put this book with the others.

by means of; using

Mend it with this glue
Cut it with a knife.

used in expressing the idea of filling, covering etc

Fill this jug with milk
He was covered with mud.

used in describing conflict

They quarrelled with each other
He fought with my brother.

used in descriptions of things

a man with a limp
a girl with long hair
a stick with a handle
Treat this book with care.

as the result of

He is shaking with fear.

in the care of

Leave your case with the porter.

in relation to; in the case of; concerning

Be careful with that!
What’s wrong with you?
What shall I do with these books?

used in expressing a wish

Down with fascism!

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