Übersetzung von “withdraw” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbwithdraw /wɪðˈdrɔ, wɪθ-/ ( pt withdrew pp withdrawn )
transitive to take money out of a bank account

I'll need to withdraw some cash.
Je vais devoir retirer du liquide.
transitive to no longer provide

Some party members threatened to withdraw their support.
Certains membres du parti ont menacé de retirer leur soutien.

The manufacturer withdrew the product from stores.
Le fabricant a retiré le produit des magasins.
transitive-intransitive to stop participating in an activity
(se) retirer

Reports say troops have been withdrawn from the area.
Le bruit court que les troupes ont été retirées de la région.

The company withdrew from the negotiations.
L'entreprise s'est retirée des négociations.
transitive to state that sth you said earlier is not true

She later withdrew the accusation.
Elle a ensuite retiré l'accusation.
intransitive to become quiet and stop speaking to anyone
se replier sur soi

After his death she withdrew into herself.
Après sa mort, elle s'est repliée sur elle-même.

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verb /wiðˈdroː/ (past tense withdrew /-ˈdruː/, past participle withdrawn)

to (cause to) move back or away

(se) retirer
The army withdrew from its position
He withdrew his troops
They withdrew from the competition.

to take back (something one has said)

She withdrew her remarks, and apologized
He later withdrew the charges he’d made against her.

to remove (money from a bank account etc)

I withdrew all my savings and went abroad.
withdrawal noun

withdrawn adjective

(of a person) not responsive or friendly

She’s become rather withdrawn recently.

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