Übersetzung von “witness” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablewitness /ˈwɪtnɪs/
sb who sees a crime or accident happening
témoin masculine

There were no witnesses to the murder.
Il n'y a pas eu de témoins du meurtre.
sb who tells a court of law what they know during a trial
témoin masculine

a witness for the defence/prosecution
un témoin à décharge/charge
sb who is at an event in order to prove legally that it happened
témoin masculine

the two witnesses at the wedding
les deux témoins au mariage


verb transitivewitness /ˈwɪtnɪs/
to see a crime or accident happen
être témoin de

He witnessed the robbery.
Il a été témoin du vol.
to be a legal witness at an event
servir de témoin

two people to witness the signing of the contract
deux personnes pour servir de témoins lors de la signature du contrat

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noun /ˈwitnəs/

a person who has seen or was present at an event etc and so has direct knowledge of it

Someone must have seen the accident but the police can find no witnesses.

a person who gives evidence, especially in a law court

a witness for the prosecution.

a person who adds his signature to a document to show that he considers another signature on the document to be genuine

You cannot sign your will without witnesses.
witness-box / witness-stand noun

the stand from which a witness gives evidence in a court of law.

barre des témoins
bear witness

to give evidence

témoigner (de)
She will bear witness to his honesty.



to sign one’s name to show that one knows that (something) is genuine

attester l’authenticité de
He witnessed my signature on the new agreement.

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