Die Übersetzung von "wonder" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈwandə/

the state of mind produced by something unexpected or extraordinary

He was full of wonder at the amazing sight.

something strange, unexpected or extraordinary

the Seven Wonders of the World
You work late so often that it’s a wonder you don’t take a bed to the office!

the quality of being strange or unexpected

The wonder of the discovery is that it was only made ten years ago.
wonderful adjective

arousing wonder; extraordinary, especially in excellence

a wonderful opportunity
a wonderful present
She’s a wonderful person.
wonderfully adverb

wonderingly adverb

with great curiosity and amazement

avec étonnement
The children gazed wonderingly at the puppets.
wonderland /-lӕnd/ noun

a land or place full of wonderful things.

pays merveilleux
wondrous /ˈwandrəs/ adjective


The world can be wondrous in its complexity.
no wonder

it isn’t surprising

rien d’étonnant à ce que
No wonder you couldn’t open the door – it was locked!

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