Übersetzung von “work” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbwork /wɜrk/
intransitive to do a job for which you are paid

I work for a large multi-national organization.
Je travaille pour une grande multinationale

Does he work in advertising?
Est-ce qu'il travaille dans la publicité ?

During summer vacation she works as a lifeguard.
Pendant les vacances d'été, elle travaille comme maître-nageur.
intransitive (of a machine, device, etc.) to be operating correctly
fonctionner , marcher

The TV just stopped working.
La télé vient de s'arrêter de marcher.
intransitive to be successful

It's a good idea that might work.
C'est une bonne idée qui pourrait marcher.

That didn't work - let's try again.
Ça n'a pas marché, essayons à nouveau.
intransitive to put time and effort into trying to achieve sth

I've been working on this paper all day.
J'ai travaillé sur ce papier toute la journée.
transitive to operate a piece of equipment
faire marcher

Can you show me how to work the food processor?
Peux-tu me montrer comment faire marcher le robot ménager ?
transitive-intransitive to move gradually
faire + verbe de mouvement

He wiggled the key and finally worked it free.
il a remué la clé et l'a finalement fait sortir.

work against

verb phrasalwork against [ ˈwɜrk əˌgɛnst ]
to be to sb's disadvantage
jouer contre

The timing of the election may work against him.
Il se peut que le moment choisi pour l'élection travaille contre lui.

work at

verb phrasalwork at [ ˈwɜrk ˌæt ]
to put a lot of effort into achieving sth
travailler à

Being patient is something I really have to work at.
La patience est une chose à laquelle je dois vraiment travailler.

work on

verb phrasalwork on [ ˈwɜrk ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to put time and effort into developing or improving sth
travailler (sur)

He's been working on his spelling.
Il travaille son orthographe.

work out

verb phrasalwork out [ ˈwɜrk ˈaʊt ]
to exercise

I try to work out at least twice a week.
J'essaie de m'entraîner au moins deux fois par semaine.
to happen successfully after having trouble

The situation worked out for the best.
La situation s'est arrangée pour le mieux.
to solve a problem, find the answer to a question, etc.

We had some problems, but we worked them out.
Nous avions quelques problèmes mais nous les avons résolus.

If you can't work it out in your head, use a calculator.
Si tu ne peux pas le calculer de tête, utilise une calculatrice.

First we have to work out who sits where.
Nous devons d'abord déterminer qui s'asseoit où.
Brit to be able to understand
arriver à comprendre

I've never been able to work him out.
Je ne suis jamais arrivé à le comprendre.

work up to

verb phrasalwork up to [ ˈwɜrk ˈʌp ˌtu, tə ]
to gradually prepare in order to do sth difficult
se préparer à

He was working up to telling her the truth.
Il se préparait à lui dire la vérité.


nounwork /wɜrk/
uncountable a job that you do for payment
travail masculine

I'm looking for work.
Je cherche du travail.
out of work
not having a job
sans emploi

She's been out of work for some time.
Elle est restée sans emploi pendant quelque temps.
uncountable an activity that takes time and energy
travail masculine

I have a lot of work to do at the office.
J'ai beaucoup de travail à faire au bureau.

It's hard work bringing up four kids on your own.
C'est un rude travail d'élever quatre enfants toute seule.
get/set to work
to start doing some work
se mettre au travail

They got to work as soon as it was light.
Ils se sont mis au travail aussitôt qu'il a fait clair.
uncountable sb's place of employment
travail masculine

I didn't leave work until 6 p.m.
Je ne quitte pas le travail avant 18h.

She's at work all day.
Elle est au travail toute la journée.
countable-uncountable a piece of writing, art, music, etc. that sb produces
œuvre feminine

the artist's latest work
la dernière œuvre de l'artiste

I don't believe this is his best work.
Je ne crois pas que ce soit sa meilleure œuvre.

the works of Arthur Miller
les œuvres d'Arthur Miller
work of art
a painting, drawing, etc.
œuvre feminine d'art

works of art on display at the museum
les œuvres d'art exposées au musée
a painting, drawing, etc.
œuvre feminine d'art

works of art on display at the museum
les œuvres d'art exposées au musée
uncountable the building or repairing of sth
travaux masculine plural

We're having some work done on the house.
Nous faisons quelques travaux dans la maison.

road work causing delays
des travaux d'entretien des routes causant des ralentissements

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noun /wəːk/

effort made in order to achieve or make something

He has done a lot of work on this project


I cannot find work in this town.

a task or tasks; the thing that one is working on

Please clear your work off the table.

a painting, book, piece of music etc

the works of Van Gogh / Shakespeare/Mozart
This work was composed in 1816.

the product or result of a person’s labours

His work has shown a great improvement lately.

one’s place of employment

He left (his) work at 5.30 p.m.
I don’t think I’ll go to work tomorrow.

(the art of making) goods of a particular material

travail de
He learns woodwork at school
This shop sells basketwork.

parts of something, eg a building, made of a particular material

ouvrage de…
The stonework/woodwork/paintwork needs to be renewed.
workable adjective

(of a plan) able to be carried out

a workable solution.
worker noun

a person who works or who is employed in an office, a factory etc

employé/-ée; travailleur/-euse
office workers
car workers.

a manual worker rather than an office-worker etc.


a person who works (hard etc)

He’s a slow/hard worker.
works noun singular or plural

a factory etc

The steelworks is/are closed for the holidays.
work-basket ( work-box)

etc nouns a basket, box etc for holding thread, needlework etc.

corbeille à ouvrage
workbook noun

a book of exercises usually with spaces for answers.

cahier d’exercices
workforce noun

the number of workers (available for work) in a particular industry, factory etc

main d’oeuvre
The factory has a workforce of about 300 people.
working class

the section of society who work with their hands, doing manual labour.

classe ouvrière
working day nouns ( work-day)

a day on which one goes to work, and is not on holiday.

jour ouvrable

the period of actual labour in a normal day at work

journée de travail
My working day is eight hours long.
working hours

the times of day between which one is at work

heures de travail
Normal working hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
working-party nouns ( work-party)

a group of people gathered together (usually voluntarily) to perform a particular physical task

équipe; groupe de travail
They organized a work-party to clear the canal of weeds.
working week

the five days from Monday to Friday inclusive when people go to work.

semaine de travail
workman noun

a man who does manual work

the workmen on a building site.
workmanlike adjective

suitable to a good workman

a workmanlike attitude.

well performed

bien fait
a workmanlike job.
workmanship noun

the skill of a qualified workman; skill in making things

métier; maîtrise professionnelle
We were admiring the superb workmanship of the sculpture.
workmate noun

one of the people who work in the same place of employment as oneself

camarade de travail
Her workmates teased her about being the boss’s favourite.
workout noun

a period of hard physical exercise for the purpose of keeping fit etc

séance d’entraînement
Do these exercises as part of you daily workout.
workshop noun

a room or building, especially in a factory etc where construction and repairs are carried out.


a course of experimental work for a group of people on a particular project.

at work


au travail
He’s writing a novel and he likes to be at work (on it) by eight o’clock every morning.
get/set to work

to start work

se mettre au travail
Could you get to work painting that ceiling?
I’ll have to set to work on this mending this evening.
go to work on

to begin work on

We’re thinking of going to work on an extension to the house.
have one’s work cut out

to be faced with a difficult task

avoir du pain sur la planche
You’ll have your work cut out to beat the champion.
in working order

(of a machine etc) operating correctly

en état de marche
Despite its age, the clock was in perfect working order.
out of work

having no employment

au chômage
He’s been out of work for months.
work of art

a painting, sculpture etc.

oeuvre d’art
work off

to get rid of (something unwanted or unpleasant) by taking physical exercise etc

se débarrasser de
He worked off his anger by running round the garden six times.
work out

to solve or calculate correctly

I can’t work out how many should be left.

to come to a satisfactory end

Don’t worry – it will all work out (in the end).

to perform physical exercises

She works out every day.
work up

to excite or rouse gradually

s’échauffer; dans tous ses états
She worked herself up into a fury. (adjective worked-up: Don’t get so worked-up!).

to raise or create

arriver à avoir
I just can’t work up any energy/appetite/enthusiasm today.
work up to

to progress towards and prepare for

progresser graduellement
Work up to the difficult exercises gradually.
work wonders

to produce marvellous results

faire des miracles
These pills have worked wonders for my rheumatism.



to be employed

Are you working just now?

to (cause to) operate (in the correct way)

(faire) fonctionner
He has no idea how that machine works / how to work that machine
That machine doesn’t/won’t work, but this one’s working.

to be practicable and/or successful

If my scheme works, we’ll be rich!

to make (one’s way) slowly and carefully with effort or difficulty

progresser (lentement)
She worked her way up the rock face.

to get into, or put into, a stated condition or position, slowly and gradually

devenir peu à peu
The wheel worked loose.

to make by craftsmanship

The ornaments had been worked in gold.


noun plural

deeds, actions etc

She’s devoted her life to good works.

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