Übersetzung von “world” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounworld /wɜrld/
the world
singular Earth and all the countries and the people living on it
le monde

The whole world must act to save our planet.
Le monde entier doit agir pour sauver notre planète.

news and weather from around the world
les informations et la météo du monde entier

There are very few of these birds left in the world.
Il ne reste que très peu de ces oiseaux au monde.
countable a particular area or particular group of people, animals, etc.
monde masculine

the Western/developed world
le monde occidental / les pays développés

the animal world
le monde animal
countable everyone and everything involved in a particular kind of work, activity, or situation
monde masculine , univers masculine

the art/fashion world
le monde de l'art / l'univers de la mode

the world of politics/teaching/finance
le monde de la politique / l'enseignement / l'univers de la finance
countable a particular type of life and set of experiences
monde masculine , univers masculine

Her world was never to be the same again.
Son univers ne serait plus jamais le même.

Living here is a whole different world.
Vivre ici, c'est un tout autre monde.
mean the world to
to be very important in sb's life
représenter tout pour

Seeing my son again would mean the world to me.
Revoir mon fils représenterait tout pour moi.
in a world of your own
not involved with the people and events happening around you
dans un monde à soi

Her vivid imagination let her live in a world of her own.
Son imagination vive lui permet de vivre dans son monde à elle.
how/what/why in the world
emphasizes you are surprised or angry
comment/que/pourquoi diable

Why in the world would you give money to that man?
Pourquoi diable donnerait-on de l'argent à cet homme ?
out of this world
amazing, very impressive

The views of the mountains are out of this world.
Les vues des montagnes sont irréelles.
think the world of
to like very much
ne jurer que par

She thinks the world of her two grandchildren.
Elle ne jure que par ses deux petits-enfants.


adjectiveworld /wɜrld/
involving all countries
mondial/-ale , international/-ale

a world conference
une conférence internationale

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noun /wəːld/

the planet Earth

every country of the world.

the people who live on the planet Earth

The whole world is waiting for a cure for cancer.

any planet etc

people from other worlds.

a state of existence

Many people believe that after death the soul enters the next world
Do concentrate! You seem to be living in another world.

an area of life or activity

the insect world
the world of the international businessman.

a great deal

le plus grand bien
The holiday did him a/the world of good.

the lives and ways of ordinary people

He’s been a monk for so long that he knows nothing of the (outside) world.
worldly adjective

of or belonging to this world; not spiritual

de ce monde, terrestre
worldly pleasures.
worldliness noun

attachement aux biens de ce monde
worldwide adjective, adverb

(extending over or found) everywhere in the world

mondial; dans le monde entier
a worldwide sales network
Their products are sold worldwide.
the best of both worlds

the advantages of both the alternatives in a situation etc in which one can normally only expect to have one

gagner sur les deux tableaux
A woman has the best of both worlds when she has a good job and a happy family life.
for all the world

exactly, quite etc

What a mess you’re in! You look for all the world as if you’d had an argument with an express train.
out of this world

unbelievably marvellous

The concert was out of this world.
what in the world(?)

used for emphasis when asking a question

que diable
What in the world have you done to your hair?

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