Die Übersetzung von "worth" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /wəːθ/


These books are of little or no worth
She sold fifty dollars’ worth of tickets.
worthless adjective

of no value

sans valeur
worthless old coins.
worthlessly adverb

d’une manière qui ne vaut rien
worthlessness noun

absence (totale) de valeur
worthy /-ði/ adjective

good and deserving

valable, noble
I willingly give money to a worthy cause.

(with of) deserving

digne (de)
She was not worthy of the honour given to her.

(with of) typical of, suited to, or in keeping with

digne (de)
a performance worthy of a champion.

of great enough importance etc

digne (de)
She was not thought worthy to be presented to the king.
worthily adverb

worthiness noun

caractère digne

deserving; fit for

digne de
a blameworthy act.

fit for its appropriate use

en état de…
worthwhile adjective

deserving attention, time and effort etc

qui vaut la peine (de)
a worthwhile cause
It isn’t worthwhile to ask him – he’ll only refuse.
for all one is worth

using all one’s efforts, strength etc

de toutes ses forces
He swam for all he was worth towards the shore.

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