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verb /wud/ (short forms I’d /aid/, you’d /juːd/, he’d /hiːd/, she’d /ʃiːd/, it’d /ˈitəd/, we’d /wiːd/, they’d /ðeid/, negative short form wouldn’t /ˈwudnt/)

past tense of will

-rais, -rais, -rait, …
He said he would be leaving at nine o’clock the next morning
I asked if he’d come and mend my television set
I asked him to do it, but he wouldn’t
I thought you would have finished by now.

used in speaking of something that will, may or might happen (eg if a certain condition is met)

-rais, -rais, -rait…
If I asked her to the party, would she come?
I would have come to the party if you’d asked me
I’d be happy to help you.

used to express a preference, opinion etc politely

-rais, -rais, -rait…
I would do it this way
It’d be a shame to lose the opportunity
I’d prefer to go tomorrow rather than today.

used, said with emphasis, to express annoyance

ça devait arriver
I’ve lost my car-keys – that would happen!
would-be adjective

trying, hoping, or merely pretending, to be

qui se veut, soi-disant
a would-be poet.
would you

used to introduce a polite request to someone to do something

(Please) would you close the door?

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