Die Übersetzung von "wrap" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /rӕp/ (past tense, past participle wrapped)

to roll or fold (round something or someone)

enrouler (autour de)
He wrapped his handkerchief round his bleeding finger.

to cover by folding or winding something round

She wrapped the book (up) in brown paper
She wrapped the baby up in a warm shawl.
wrapper noun

a paper cover for a sweet, packet of cigarettes etc

papier (d’emballage)
a sweet wrapper.
wrapping noun

something used to wrap or pack something in

papier d’emballage
Christmas wrappings.
wrapped up in

giving all one’s attention to

absorbé (par)
She’s very wrapped up in her work these days.
wrap up

to dress warmly

You have to wrap up well if you visit England in winter
Wrap the child up well.

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