Übersetzung von “year” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableyear /yɪər/
a period of twelve months
an masculine , année feminine

Next week, it'll be exactly two years since he died.
La semaine prochaine, ça fera exactement deux ans qu'il est mort.

I traveled for several years after college.
J'ai voyagé pendant plusieurs années après l'université.

Who knows what he'll be doing in 5 years' time.
Qui sait ce qu'il fera dans cinq ans.
the period between January 1 and December 31
année feminine

What year did they get married?
En quelle année se sont-ils mariés ?

1964 and the three years after that
1964 et les trois années qui suivirent

at the beginning/end of the year
au début / à la fin de l'année
plural a very long time
des années feminine plural

It'll take years to build a new stadium.
Cela prendra des années pour construire un nouveau stade.
Brit the grade a student is in
année feminine

What year are you in?
En quelle année es-tu ?
three/twelve/fifty etc. years old
indicates age
qui a trois/douze/cinquante etc. ans

He's been reading since he was four years old.
Il lit depuis qu'il a quatre ans.
the academic/financial/tax etc. year
a period of time during which an organization completes its activities
l'année universitaire/budgétaire/fiscale etc.

the eight months of the academic year
les huit mois de l'année universitaire

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noun /jiə/

the period of time the earth takes to go once round the sun, about 365 days

We lived here for five years, from November 2000 to November 2005
a two-year delay.

the period from January 1 to December 31, being 365 days, except in a leap year, when it is 366 days

in the year 1945.
yearly adjective

happening etc every year

We pay a yearly visit to my uncle.
yearbook noun

a book of information which is updated and published every year

his high-school yearbook.
all (the) year round/long etc

throughout the whole year

toute l’année
The weather is so good here that we can swim all (the) year round.

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