Übersetzung von “yet” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbyet /yɛt/
used in questions and negatives to mean up to the present or before a particular time

"Did you ask your dad?" "No, not yet."
"L'as-tu dit à ton père ?" "Non, pas encore."

We hadn't yet realized who she was.
Nous n'avions pas encore réalisé qui elle était.
as soon or as early as now
tout de suite

I can't tell you yet - I need to think.
Je ne peux pas te le dire tout de suite, il faut que je réfléchisse.
emphasizes how often or much sth happens

Now we have yet another test to take.
Maintenant nous devons encore passer une autre épreuve.
emphasizes sb or sth is the best, worst, etc so far
jusqu'ici , jusque-là

That was his best attempt yet.
C'était sa meilleure tentative jusque là.
indicates sth is possible in the future

He may yet win the election.
Il peut encore gagner l'élection.
as yet
indicates sth has not happened or been done up to now
pour l'instant

There's no news on her condition as yet.
On n'a pas de nouvelles sur son état pour l'instant.


conjunctionyet [ yɛt ]
indicates sth is true despite what you have just mentioned

He is extremely tall, yet he is graceful in his movements.
Il est extrêmement grand, pourtant il est gracieux dans ses mouvements.

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adverb /jet/

up till now

jusqu’à présent
He hasn’t called me yet
Have you finished yet?
We’re not yet ready.

used for emphasis

He’s made yet another mistake
I found yet more mistakes in the report.

(with a comparative adjective) even

a yet more terrible experience.
as yet

up to the time referred to, usually the present

encore, jusqu’ici
I haven’t had a book published as yet.

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