Übersetzung von “your” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


determineryour /yʊər, yɔr, yoʊr; unstressed yər/
indicates sth or sb belongs or relates to the person or people you are talking to
ton masculine singular , ton/ta/tes/votre/vos

Is this your jacket?
Est-ce que c'est votre veste ?
indicates sth or sb belongs or relates to all people or people in general
son/sa/ses , notre/nos

Your weight can vary from day to day.
Notre poids peut varier d'un jour à l'autre.

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adjective /joː, (American) juər/

belonging to you

votre/vos; ton/ta/tes
your house/car.
yours /joːz, (American) juərz/ pronoun

something belonging to you

le/la/les vôtre(s); le tien, la tienne, les tiens, les tiennes
This book is yours
Yours is on that shelf.
yourself /-ˈselvz/ pronoun (plural yourselves)

used as the object of a verb or preposition when the person(s) spoken or written to is/are the object(s) of an action he/they perform(s)

vous(-même(s)); toi(-même); te
Why are you looking at yourselves in the mirror?
You can dry yourself with this towel.

used to emphasize you

You yourself can’t do it, but you could ask someone else to do it.

without help etc

tout seul
You can jolly well do it yourself!
yours (faithfully/sincerely/truly)

expressions written before one’s signature at the end of a letter.

vôtre, à vous

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