Übersetzung von “youth” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounyouth /yuθ/
uncountable all young people in general
jeunesse feminine

the youth of our country
la jeunesse de notre pays

youth crime
péché de jeunesse
countable a young man, especially one who is involved in crime
jeune homme masculine

youths rioting in the streets of the capital
des jeunes gens provoquant une émeute dans les rues de la capitale
uncountable the period of your life when you are young
jeunesse feminine

I camped a lot in my youth.
J'ai fait beaucoup de camping dans ma jeunesse.

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noun /juːθ/ (plural youths /juːðz/)

(the state of being in) the early part of life

Enjoy your youth!
He spent his youth in America.

a boy of fifteen to twenty years old approximately

jeune homme
He and two other youths were kicking a football about.

young people in general

Some people say that today’s youth has/have no sense of responsibility.
youthful adjective


The boy looked very youthful.

energetic, active, young-looking etc

Exercise will keep you youthful.

of youth

youthful pleasures.
youthfully adverb

en jeune homme/fille
youthfulness noun

youth hostel (youth hosteller)

auberge de jeunesse
youth mentor noun

someone who gives guidance and is like a big sister/brother to a young person who has social problems or is retarded.


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