Übersetzung von “zero” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


zero /ˈzɪəroʊ/ ( plural zeroes ), Brit nought /nɔt/ noun
countable-uncountable the number 0
zéro masculine

Write two zeroes after the number.
Inscrivez deux zéros après le chiffre.
uncountable the point at which water freezes on the Celsius temperature scale
zéro masculine

temperatures below zero
des températures en dessous de zéro

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noun /ˈziərəu/ (plural zeros)

nought; the number or figure 0

Three plus zero equals three
The figure 100 has two zeros in it.

the point on a scale (eg on a thermometer) which is taken as the standard on which measurements may be based

The temperature was 5 degrees above/below zero.

the exact time fixed for something to happen, eg an explosion, the launching of a spacecraft etc

l’heure H
It is now 3 minutes to zero.

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