Übersetzung von “zip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbzip /zɪp/ ( zipping, zipped )
transitive ( zip up ) to fasten with a zipper
fermer avec une fermeture

Zip up your pants.
Remonte la fermeture éclair de ton pantalon. / Ferme ta braguette.
intransitive to move somewhere very quickly
filer à toute allure

We zipped along the sidewalk on our skateboards.
Nous filions à toute allure sur le trottoir sur nos skateboards.


noun countablezip /zɪp/
a zip code
code masculine postal

***address and zip
adresse et code postal
Brit zipper
fermeture feminine éclair

***Do up your zip.
Remonte ta fermeture éclair.

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noun /zip/

(also zipper) a zip fastener

fermeture éclair
Make sure you do up the zip of your jacket – it’s freezing outside!

a whizzing sound

They heard the zip of a flying bullet.
zip fastener (usually zip, or zipper)

a device for fastening clothes etc, in which two rows of metal or nylon teeth are made to fit each other when a sliding tab is pulled along them.

fermeture éclair


verb (past tense, past participle zipped)

to move with a whizzing sound

A bullet zipped past his head.



in the United States, a postal code, usually having the form of a five-figure number, placed at the end of an address.

code postal

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