Übersetzung von “as” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


preposition, conjunction uk strong /æz/ us /æz/ weak /əz/ us /æz/

A1 used to describe something’s purpose or someone’s job

She works as a waitress. Fa la cameriera.
They use / their spare bedroom as an office. Usano / la camera che hanno in più come ufficio.
as… as…

A2 used to compare two things, people, amounts, etc.

tanto… quanto…
He’s not as tall as his brother. Non è alto quanto il fratello.
She earns three times as much as I do. Guadagna tre volte di più di quello che guadagno io.

A2 because

poiché, siccome
You can go first as you’re the oldest. Vai tu per primo, dato che sei il più grande.
As the glue was finished, I had to use string. Ho dovuto usare lo spago dato che la colla era finita.

B1 while

mentre, a mano a mano che
I saw James as I was leaving. Ho visto James mentre venivo via.

B1 in the same way

This year, as in previous years, tickets sold very quickly. Quest’anno, come negli anni scorsi, i biglietti sono stati venduti molto velocemente.
as if/as though

used to describe how a situation seems to be

come se
It looks as if it might rain. Pare che vada a piovere.
as for

used to talk about how another person or thing is affected by something

quanto a, riguardo a
I’m pleased. As for Kyle, I don’t care what he thinks. Io sono soddisfatto. Quanto a Kyle, non m’importa quello che pensa.

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