Die Übersetzung von "at" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


preposition uk strong /æt/ us /æt/ weak /ət/ us /æt/

A1 in a particular place or position

We met at the station. Ci siamo incontrati alla stazione.
She was sitting at the table. Era seduta al tavolo.

A1 used to show the time something happens

The meeting starts at three. La riunione inizia alle tre.

A1 towards

I threw the ball at him. Gli ho tirato la palla.

A1 the @ symbol, used in email addresses

chiocciola (in indirizzi di posta elettronica)

A2 used to show the cause of something, especially a feeling

We were surprised at the news. Siamo rimasti sorpresi dalla notizia.

B1 used after an adjective to show a person’s ability to do something

He’s good at making friends. Fa amicizia con facilità.

used to show the price, speed, or level of something

He was driving at 80 miles per hour. Stava guidando a 80 miglia all’ora.

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