Übersetzung von “believe” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /bɪˈliːv/ us /bɪˈliv/ present participle believing, past tense and past participle believed

A2 to think that something is true, or that what someone says is true

credere (a)
She says she’s only 30, but I don’t believe it. Dice di avere solo 30 anni ma non ci credo.
Do you believe him? Gli credi?

A2 to think something, although you are not completely sure

The murderer is believed to be in his thirties. L’assassino si pensa sia fra i 30 e i 40 anni.
believe it or not

B1 used to say that something surprising is true

se è possibile crederlo
He even remembered my birthday, believe it or not. Da non credere, si è perfino ricordato del mio compleanno.
not believe your eyes/ears

B1 to be very surprised when you see someone or something, or when you hear what someone says

non credere ai propri occhi/alle proprie orecchie
I couldn’t believe my ears when Dan said they were getting married. Non potevo credere alle mie orecchie quando Dan ha detto che si sposavano.

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