Die Übersetzung von "bias" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈbaɪ·əs/ us /ˈbɑɪ·əs/

a situation in which you support or oppose someone or something in an unfair way because you are influenced by your personal opinions

a UK bias towards/against / US bias toward/against private education un pregiudizio a favore dell’/contro l’istruzione privata.
The news channel has been accused of UK bias in favour of / US bias in favor of the government. Il canale è stato accusato di tendenza a favorire il governo.
verb uk /ˈbaɪ·əs/ us /ˈbɑɪ·əs/

to cause someone or something to have a bias

The judge ruled that the information should be withheld on the grounds that it would bias / the jury against the accused. Il giudice ha decretato che le informazioni non vengano divulgate per non influenzare la giuria contro l’accusato.

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