Übersetzung von “carry on” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch

carry on

phrasal verb with carry uk /ˈkær·i/ us /ˈkær·i/ verb present participle carrying, past tense and past participle carried

B1 to continue doing something

portare avanti, andare avanti, continuare
We will carry on with the game unless it rains. Continueremo il gioco a meno che non piova.


adjective uk /ˈkær·i·ɒn/ us /ˈkær·iˌɔn, ˈkær·iˌɑn/

small enough to bring onto a plane with you when you travel

(bagaglio) a mano
carry-on luggage bagaglio a mano
noun uk /ˈkær·i·ɒn/ us /ˈkær·iˌɔn, ˈkær·iˌɑn/

a bag that is small enough to be taken onto a plane with you

bagaglio a mano
Liquids and scissors are not allowed in your carry-on. Liquidi e forbici non sono ammessi nel bagaglio a mano.

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