Die Übersetzung von "complete" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


adjective uk /kəmˈpliːt/ us /kəmˈplit/

B1 with all parts

the complete works of Oscar Wilde l’opera completa di Oscar Wilde

B1 used to make what you are saying stronger

The meeting was a complete waste of time. La riunione è stata una completa perdita di tempo.
verb uk /kəmˈpliːt/ us /kəmˈplit/ present participle completing, past tense and past participle completed

A2 to finish doing or making something

The palace took 15 years to complete. Ci sono voluti 15 anni per portare a termine la costruzione del palazzo.

A2 to provide the last part needed to make something whole

completare, finire
Complete the sentence with one of the adjectives provided. Completa la frase con uno degli aggettivi dati.

A2 to write all the necessary details on a form or other document

Have you completed your application yet? Hai ancora finito di completare il modulo di domanda?

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