Übersetzung von “cup” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /kʌp/ us /kʌp/

A1 a small, round container with a handle on the side, used to drink from

a cup of coffee un caffè

B1 a prize given to the winner of a competition


mainly US a small container with a handle used to measure dry or liquid food for cooking, or the amount this container holds

Add two cups of flour, an egg, and half a cup of milk. Aggiungi due tazze di farina, un uovo e mezza tazza di latte.
a measuring cup una tazza per misurare
it’s not my, your, etc. cup of tea

If something or someone is not your cup of tea, it, he, or she is not the type of thing or person that you like.

non è quello che fa per me, te, ecc.
Thanks for inviting me, but ballet isn’t really my cup of tea. Grazie dell’invito ma il balletto classico non fa per me.
verb uk /kʌp/ us /kʌp/

present participle cupping, past tense and past participle cupped to make your hands into the shape of a cup, or to hold something with your hands in this shape

mettere le mani a forma di coppa

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