Übersetzung von “drag” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /dræɡ/ us /dræɡ/ present participle dragging, past tense and past participle dragged

to pull something or someone along the ground somewhere, usually with difficulty

The table was too heavy to lift, so we had to drag it across the room. Il tavolo era troppo peso da sollevare, quindi l’abbiamo dovuto trascinare attraverso la stanza.

B1 to move something somewhere on a computer screen using a mouse

drag and drop

B1 to move something on a computer screen using a mouse and place it where you want it to be

trascinare e rilasciare
You can drag and drop photos from one folder to another. Puoi trascinare e rilasciare le foto da una cartella ad un’altra.

also drag on to continue for too much time in a boring way

trascinarsi, protrarsi
The talks dragged on for months. Le trattative sono andate avanti per mesi.
noun uk /dræɡ/ us /dræɡ/

[ no plural ] informal something that is not convenient and is boring or unpleasant:

Filling in forms is such a drag! Riempire i moduli è una tale noia!
I’ve got to go to the dentist again – what a drag! Devo tornare di nuovo dal dentista – che noia!

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