Die Übersetzung von "either" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


conjunction uk /ˈaɪ·ðər, ˈiː·ðər/ us /ˈi·ðər, ˈɑɪ·ðər/
either… or…

B1 used when you are giving a choice of two or more things

o… o…/oppure
Either you or I can go. Possiamo andare o io o tu.
pronoun, determiner uk /ˈaɪ·ðər, ˈiː·ðər/ us /ˈi·ðər, ˈɑɪ·ðər/

B1 one of two people or things, when it is not important which

l’uno o l’altro, uno qualsiasi (dei due)
‘A hot or a cold drink?’ – ‘Oh, either.’ “Da bere, qualcosa di caldo o qualcosa di fresco?” – “Oh, va bene qualsiasi.”


l’uno e l’altro, entrambi
There are trees on either side of the house. Ci sono alberi su entrambi i lati della casa.
adverb uk /ˈaɪ·ðər, ˈiː·ðər/ us /ˈi·ðər, ˈɑɪ·ðər/

B1 used in negative sentences to mean that something else is also true

nemmeno, neanche
The food was bad and it wasn’t cheap either. Il cibo era cattivo e non costava nemmeno poco.

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