Die Übersetzung von "exercise" - Englisch-Italienisch-Wörterbuch


noun uk /ˈek·sə·saɪz/ us /ˈek·sərˌsɑɪz/

A2 activity that you do with your body to make your body strong

moto, esercizio fisico
Swimming is my favourite form of exercise. Il nuoto è l’attività fisica che preferisco.

A2 a piece of written work that helps you learn something

For your homework, do exercise 3 on page 24. Per compito fate l’esercizio numero 3 a pagina 24.
verb uk /ˈek·sə·saɪz/ us /ˈek·sərˌsɑɪz/ present participle exercising, past tense and past participle exercised

A2 to do activities with your body to make your body strong and healthy

fare del moto, allenarsi
I try to exercise every day. Cerco di fare attività fisica ogni giorno.

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