Übersetzung von “fit” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /fɪt/ us /fɪt/ present participle fitting, past tense and past participle fitted

B1 to be the right shape or size for someone or something

stare (di misura), entrare
This shirt doesn’t fit me any more. Questa camicia non mi sta più.

B1 If people or things fit somewhere, that place is big enough for them.

How many people can fit in your car? Quante persone entrano nella tua macchina?

UK to put or attach something somewhere

installare, fissare
You should fit a smoke alarm in the kitchen. Si dovrebbe installare un rilevatore di fumo in cucina.

Phrasal Verb(s)

adjective uk /fɪt/ us /fɪt/ comparative fitter, superlative fittest

A2 healthy, especially because you exercise a lot

in forma, in buona salute
He’s very fit for his age. È molto in forma per la sua età.
→ Opposite unfit

good enough for a particular purpose

adatto, idoneo
Is this water fit to drink? Quest’acqua è potabile?
noun uk /fɪt/ us /fɪt/

a short period of illness when someone cannot control their movements and becomes unconscious

to have an epileptic fit avere un attacco epilettico

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