Übersetzung von “fly” — Englisch–Italienisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /flaɪ/ us /flɑɪ/ present participle flying, past tense flew, past participle flown

A2 to move through the air

The bird flew up into a tree. L’uccello è volato su fra i rami di un albero.

A1 to travel through the air in a plane or other aircraft

andare in aereo
I’m flying to Hawaii tomorrow. Domani prendo l’aereo per le Hawaii.

to control a plane or other aircraft in the sky

pilotare, volare
to fly a plane pilotare un aereo
He learned to fly in the military. Ha imparato a volare quando era soldato.

to move somewhere very quickly

andare di corsa, volare
He grabbed some clothes and flew down the stairs. Ha agguantato dei vestiti e ha sceso di corsa le scale.
noun uk /flaɪ/ us /flɑɪ/

B1 plural flies a small insect with two wings


UK also flies the part where trousers open and close at the front

chiusura (dei pantaloni)
a button fly una chiusura di pantaloni a bottoni
a fly in the ointment

a single thing or person that is spoiling a situation

un piccolo difetto, un punto dolente, un neo

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